The failure of Trump’s voting commission demands accountability

The failure of Trump’s voting commission demands accountability

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As regular readers know, the existence of Donald Trump’s “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” has long been a running joke. By all appearances, the Republican president, annoyed about losing the popular vote and comforted by strange conspiracy theories, created a panel to root out the voter fraud scourge that exists only in conservatives’ imaginations.

But the panel didn’t reach farcical status until it actually got to work. In September, for example, the panel’s co-chair, voter-suppression pioneer Kris Kobach, claimed to have uncovered “proof” of systemic fraud in New Hampshire – claims that were quickly discredited as transparent nonsense.

All the while, the commission, led in part by some of the nation’s more outlandish voter-suppression activists, faced multiple lawsuits – some from state officials, balking at Trump World’s demands for sensitive information, and some from the commission’s own members, who’d been deliberately kept in the dark by the panel’s GOP leaders.

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