10 Crazy Things Trump Has Done So Far

10 Crazy Things Trump Has Done So Far

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It’s been less than five months since Donald Trump became commander-in-chief. But for the president’s detractors, it’s felt like centuries — long medieval centuries chock-full of plague, illiteracy, and barbarians running roughshod through the ruins of the old republic. But we aren’t actually living in the dark ages (yet). So we might as well shed some light on what the barbarians have been up to.

Trump has done a lot of things until now. These things are truly crazy and you must know them:

1-Fired the director of the FBI for failing to demonstrate personal loyalty to him.

B Comey on the recommendation of senior Justice Department officials as he was leading a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether associates of Trump may have coordinated with Russia to interfere with the U.S. presidential election last year.

The firing sent administration officials into a frenzy to explain the sudden ousting of Comey, with then-press secretary Sean Spicer ducking among the White House bushes after a nighttime press briefing.

2-Mendaciously accused London’s first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism, hours after a terrorist attack in London.

The morning after the attack, London mayor Sadiq Khan told his constituents that they shouldn’t “be alarmed” if they see an “increased police presence” in the city, as the mobilization of law enforcement was strictly precautionary.

Shortly thereafter, Trump ostensibly decided that the best way for him to “help out” would be to take Khan’s words out of context, and suggest that London’s first Muslim mayor views terrorist attacks with blithe indifference.

3- Abandoned an alliance with a longtime Middle East ally over Twitter.

Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia last month with the goals of securing a lucrative arms sale for America’s weapons manufacturers, and winning a commitment from the leaders of the Arab World to cease abetting Islamic extremism.

4-Allowed the Justice Department to prosecute a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions.

At the attorney general’s confirmation hearing in January, Alabama senator Richard Shelby claimed that Jeff Sessions’s history of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.”

Shelby’s claim made Code Pink activist Desiree Fairooz laugh. This was a wholly appropriate response: Jeff Sessions’s history of treating African-Americans unequally is clear and well-documented.

Federal prosecutors decided that Fairooz’s laugh “amounted to willful ‘disorderly and disruptive conduct’ intended to ‘impede, disrupt, and disturb the orderly conduct’ of congressional proceedings.”

She was prosecuted and convicted, and may soon find herself in jail.

5-Allowed the State Department’s website to advertise his Florida resort.

6-Suggested that America’s intelligence agencies might be turning the United States into something akin to Nazi Germany. 

Earlier this month, CNN reported that intelligence officials had alerted the president-elect to the existence of an unverified research report, assembled by an ex–British spy, which claimed that Donald Trump’s campaign had been in close contact with the Russian government through much of 2016 — and that the Kremlin possessed “compromising” information about him.

7- Invited the manager of his “blind trust” to a meeting with the prime minister of Japan.

8- Ordered Mexico to build the border wall

President Trump has always insisted Mexico will pay. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has been equally insistent he will not.

9- He threatened North Korea of waging a nuclear war on it

10- Declared the “court system” a threat to national security.


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